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Harry is a very passionate artist specializing in landscape and sports photography. 

Recently, Harry and his family made a life changing decision to relocate to New Mexico, where he could take the next step in his full time professional career in project management and project controls, while also getting closer to the area of the United States he loves most, the Southwest.  You can peruse Harry's landscape galleries to see some of the incredible locations  he has visited and seen through his lens.

In addition to Harry's love of the outdoors and landscape photography, you can also view some amazing action and sports photography! Harry has a unique style of covering youth sporting events.  Harry is focused on his clients rather than the game.  This is especially important in sports like football, when the interior linemen are the subjects, or for the athlete who does not get much playing time.  Harry makes them all look like stars!

Harry uses professional Nikon cameras and lenses exclusively, and is a member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS.). Harry uses the same gear that is used to cover professional sporting events.  With quality gear, a photographer like Harry is able to stop the action and capture quality images of your athlete that you will cherish for a lifetime!.


If you have been looking for some amazing photography wall art for your home or office, or if you have an athlete and a sporting event you want captured, Harry is your guy! Get high-quality wall art and action shots of your athlete at an affordable price! Schedule an appointment and Harry will capture every moment your sporting event! ​

Artists Statement

My photographic journey began in the mid 1970’s when my dad purchased a Nikon camera from my brother so that he could upgrade to a more advanced model.  With that, I enrolled in photography classes in the ninth grade and began working with a well-known local photographer, Bob Kadel, whose work regularly appeared in one of the local newspapers.  Bob had a darkroom in the basement under a Hallmark card shop he owned.  I spent a great deal of time in the darkroom learning how to bring black and white images to life using manual techniques that software packages do for us these days.

Growing up not far from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I quickly fell in love with auto racing and the drivers of that era.  That love for photographing auto racing made me realize I was also very passionate about all types of action and sports photography. 


After college, miliary service and family life became my focus and I gave up photography for several years.  It was in the early 2000’s when my son started playing youth football, that my passion for photography was re-ignited.  It was also during this time, that my work made it possible for me to see many beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest, American Southwest, and Hawaii.  My camera was always with me on these trips, and I often arrived early and stayed after my work responsibilities, to search for the perfect light and composition in some amazing landscapes.  

What a journey this has been.  In 2020, with the onset of the global pandemic, I was given the opportunity to return to return to the American Southwest for full time work.  Needless to say, I jumped at the chance.  In 2022, my wife and I sold our home and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe has been the most incredible base imaginable for me to launch into my outdoor and photographic adventures!  Wild and wonderful, New Mexico is filled with beautiful places to photograph. The Land of Enchantment, as New Mexico refers to itself, is home to huge stretches of wide-open spaces and wild landscapes, like the endless dunes at White Sands National Monument and the straight-out-of-an-old-Western backdrop at Red Rocks Park and the Bisti De Na Zin Wilderness, and numerous archaeological ruins of our native ancestors, all within a few hours drive of my fron door!

Photography has been an amazing creative outlet for me, and through it, I strive to convey my passion for the outdoors and travel.  In hope my love and appreciation for the beauty and majesty of nature reflects in the images I create.  

Thank you so much for visiting.  I hope you enjoy the experience.

I've been working with Harry for over three years. He has been nothing but professional, easy to talk to, and all around a joy. His commitment to his work is inspiring and his passion for photography really shows in every photo.

— Taler Hill

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